Customisation & Development

Tailored to you

We realise not all objectives or processes are the same. We will work with you to ensure the solution is optimised for your team and processes to have maximum impact.


Our solution has been designed with local authorities and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) in mind, to ensure their processes are catered for and improved.

With in-built “rules engines”, BookingsPlus is inherently configurable on multiple levels. Customers benefit from a product that has been designed for their very purpose, yet can be moulded to fit their unique processes and address their specific challenges.


Our product team works closely with our customers to design our solutions, and our in-house development team turns those concepts into reality. We have a track record of partnering with customers to develop new and innovative solutions. No problem is too difficult.


BookingsPlus aims to be the leading lettings platform for local authorities and MATs, which will be achieved through our customer commitment, which manifests as entire influence over our development direction.

Our in-house development team is working hard alongside our customers to achieve our development roadmap. No problem is too difficult.


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