Who We Are

BookingsPlus is part of Kajima Community, a not-for-profit organisation helping venues across a range of sectors connect with the community; optimising use of their facilities and generating additional revenue.

As well as our BookingsPlus software, designed to streamline admin and maximise efficiency, we offer venues a managed service, BookingsGuru, designed to market facilities available to hire and generate additional profits for venues.

We have over 15 years knowledge of managing lettings in schools and other venues and have experienced first-hand the pitfalls and benefits of lettings your facilities. We recognise that not one size fits all and offer a flexible, tailored service to all our customers.

Raise Income and Reach Out to the Community

We created our product and service because we realised there was a vastly-underserved market of venues with fantastic sports, meeting and event space that had no means to target the huge number of businesses and individuals requiring their services.

Both our product and service will help turn space, that would otherwise lie dormant, into an additional line of revenue for your venue. What’s more, they will enable you to reach out to local businesses and provide a service that will raise the School’s profile within the community.

Perfect for Schools, Healthcare and Charities

Our portfolio extends far beyond schools, which is why our product and service has proved popular in the healthcare sector, among charitable organisations, community centres and other public buildings.

If your venue contains space that remains unused for significant periods of time, our product or service will transform it from dead space into a profitable asset that will tempt clients to return again and again.

More Than Just a Booking System

The team behind BookingsPlus and BookingsGuru understands that technology is only half the answer when it comes to mastering venue space.

To receive regular bookings from customers who will turn into advocates, you need to ensure your venue is easy to find. This is why your software comes with a built-in website to help promote your venue and your spaces for hire. Customers opting for our BookingsGuru service will see continual, proactive marketing of your space for hire via various online advertising platforms.

We pride ourselves on customer service and ensure that we offer you and your customers the very best.

Purpose Built and Tailored for You

We’re aware of the many challenges venues face when attempting to let out space that’s why we offer a range of services to help you.

Our product is purpose-built for managing lettings within schools but will also benefit any other venue with space to hire. Our team of developers are continually working to improve BookingsPlus to ensure it is working for you and that it will grow with your business.

Our dedicated team of experienced Bookings Gurus work with a variety of venues across the country. They have a host of experience in promoting space as well as knowing what works and what doesn’t.