Introducing BookingsGuru

With our administration and marketing service you can sit back, relax and let us take your lettings to the next level. Our experienced team of coordinators will handle your lettings administration so that you can focus on the core functions of running your business.

We Will Market and Promote Your Facility

We will maintain your custom made website and our priority is to drive traffic to the site, ensuring it is up to date and refreshed on a regular basis.

Our team will regularly analyse the website traffic using Google Analytics to track performance capturing as many potential clients as possible.

Using Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) techniques and link building, we are able to improve your website rankings on search engines such as Google.

The BookingsGuru team are adept in using social media to promote our community activities in our schools across the UK. This type of communication helps to create a ‘buzz’ around the website.

We will explore partnership opportunities with groups and organisations who would be interested in hiring the facilities. These would include Local Authority and Sport’s Governing Body contacts.

The website offers free advertising to clubs and groups who are looking to expand their users. This is very attractive for clients who are running the sessions as part of their own business, such as dance schools and private education providers.

We Will Administer Your Bookings and Enquiries

The team will deal with all enquiries (through the telephone, email or via the website) courteously and promptly from Monday to Friday from 9am until 5.30pm all through the year.

All enquiries will be logged and a database built up which can be used for analysis or future promotions.

A dedicated telephone line will handle all community enquiries and bookings for your facility.

Our BookingsGuru’s will liaise directly with the facility team at the school to arrange for potential hirers to go and view the facilities at a convenient time for all parties.

They will make initial assessments to check wether clients and activities are authentic and fitting for your facility setting. If necessary a request reference will be made from other venues hired in the past.

The appropriate booking documentation will be requested and stored online for you to inspect such as insurance cover, coaching or teaching qualifications and DBS certification.

Changes will be made by the team if there are cancellations because of weather or school activities, these will also be communicated to the facilities team.

With every new client the terms and conditions have to be accepted online before any booking can take place and payment taken if necessary. There may also be codes of conduct that the client must understand such as their behaviour when there are other activities taking place alongside them.

We will ensure all clients are issued with emergency procedures and that they fully understand their role if this ever happens.

We Will Raise Your Invoices and Collect Payments

Our BookingsGurus will raise and issue invoices on a monthly basis and in advance if you require.

All invoices can be viewed at any time by the school’s finance team by logging in to BookingsPlus.

A fully auditable credit note system is incorporated into BookingsPlus which allows any cancellations or changes to be credited automatically.

We will also arrange for an online payment system “Go Cardless” (Direct Debit) or ‘’Stripe’’ (Credit and Debit Card) to be implemented on you behalf. These are very user friendly APIs and have competitive commission rates.

If at all possible we will dissuade payments by cash and cheques. We will strive to move most clients to the online payments system.

We Will Give You Access to Your Lettings Details

Informative reports drawn from the BookingsPlus system are able to be viewed by your staff and they are able to be emailed or downloaded.

Our BookingsGuru’s will ensure that planned or reactive maintenance are scheduled into BookingsPlus to avoid any clashes or disappointed customers. This is most important over holidays periods.

We have won national awards in the past for our excellent customer service and this is at the forefront of our services generally. We will strive to ensure the highest customer service is given when taking and coordinating bookings.

Customer surveys will be taken at regular intervals to ensure that high standards are being met.

We be able to communicate the closure of the facilities to clients for any reason. This can be done be contacting each client who will be directly affected, by posting a notice on the community use website and also using social media to get the message across.