Tara Lamb, Finance Manager

"We have an excellent working relationship with BookingsPlus' Support team due to their efficiency and the drive to help the Trust, especially during the onboarding process which made the transition from a single school user to multi-venue users very easy. We look forward to continuing working with BookingsPlus and bringing on more schools, to the platform. "

Mark Collins, Finance Manager - Lettings

"As part of our Active Communities programme, we have partnered with BookingsPlus which will allow us to help the community make more bookings and maximise the potential of our sites, all from one seamless platform."

Lauren Belcher, Sport & Leisure Coordinator

"BookingPlus has all the features we need to make it easier for our customers to book areas online and to make the administration of our lettings a simpler process. We worked closely with the Support team to make the transition an easy process - always on hand to answer my endless questions."

Caroline Walker, Project Management Officer

"The process of implementing the BookingsPlus platform has been really simple. From first engaging with the team at Kajima Community, up to going live with the platform, the team has been very supportive and has helped us navigate the onboarding process with ease. I couldn’t speak more highly of the team!"

Jonathan Meehan, School Business Manager

"BookingsPlus will provide an easy to use system to manage our lettings and extra-curricular bookings which currently take our staff an inordinate amount of time and effort to manage manually."

Charlie Waterworth, Managing Director

"Since partnering with BookingsPlus, we have developed our business from 1 to 14 schools. The Account Management, Customer Support and Finance teams have always been very helpful and approachable. We look forward to continuing our working partnership into the future. "

Emma Pengelly, Lettings Administrator

"From when we first started using BookingsPlus, up until now, we have had excellent support from the Customer Service team. Everyone I have spoken to has gone out of their way to ensure my queries were answered. I especially like the easy-to-use interface of the software and I love the ‘help’ function as well."

Jennifer Ingham, Lettings Manager

"I absolutely love how easy BookingsPlus is to use and I have already recommended the software to other schools within the River Learning Trust. Any queries that have been raised have been resolved immediately by the friendly, in-house customer support team."

Mark Graham, Director

"The BookingsPlus system has proven to be an invaluable asset for our centre's team. Its user-friendly interface prevents double bookings and keeps everything organised, from financial data to client information, all in one place. The standalone website not only promotes our facilities for hire but also provides marketing opportunities for our customers' businesses. "

Chris King, Principal Strategic Asset Manager

"Partnering with Kajima Community has unlocked the technology we need to make NHS Open Space a reality, and improve our offering to thousands of health and wellbeing professionals nationwide."

Karen Kurlansky, Sports Centre Manager

"I’ve used a few different booking systems in the past but BookingsPlus is by far the best. It’s so easy to use, I don’t know how I’d manage without it. It does make things very clear for me and my customers. It really does do what I need it to, and more. The team at BookingPlus are fantastic. They’ve always been so friendly and have sorted out any query I’ve had very quickly. If you’re considering using BookingsPlus, I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend - you won’t be sorry."

Jon White, Managing Director

"The team at BookingsPlus have been great to deal with from the outset. They are always available to assist us with any queries we may have and always find solutions in a timely manner. We always knew we wanted BookingsPlus to be our software supplier and the service the team offer us reiterates we are with the right people. We look forward to developing our partnership into the future."

Charlie Hyman, Hirer & CEO

"As a hirer, the bookings platform has been easy to use. The invoicing system and online booking ability is effective, meaning you can check, cancel and make amends very easily. I have found this very useful as it gives clarity when managing multiple venues and bookings."

Emma Gibbons, Lettings Coordinator

"Kajima Community and the BookingsPlus team are fantastic to deal with.  I have been so impressed by absolutely everyone I have spoken to or had email conversations with and the overall customer service I have received is second to none."

Georgina Kinneir, Director

"I have worked with the team at Kajima since February 2017.  Being new to this area of the business I relied heavily on their knowledge and experience to guide my vision and mutually define my expectations.  Via their BookingsGuru lettings service, the team deal with enquiries in a professional and knowledgeable manner and I have total trust in their ability to manage the account and secure lettings on my behalf.  I have a very strong relationship with the team, built on trust, respect and complete transparency. "

Mick Willetts, Facilities Manager

"BookingsPlus, online school lettings software, makes life so much easier when it comes to lettings, we love it, clients love it and I couldn’t do without it!"

Tracy York, Estates Administrator

"The BookingsPlus system has made our lives simpler as we use this for the whole school including school bookings and external hirers so everything is in one place and at a glance. I would recommend this for use in schools!"

Lucy Bodycote, Lettings Officer

"At Brockington College, we're really happy with BookingsPlus. It’s made the day-to-day running of our room hire & pitch lettings really easy. You can see exactly what is happening, no double bookings and invoicing is a dream! We are much more productive thanks to BookingsPlus. Their Customer service and Helpdesk support is absolutely brilliant. I would definitely recommend the system."

Michelle Gascoigne, Operations Manager

"The BookingsPlus system is a much easier, quicker and accurate system than the one we were previously operating with at The Linskill Centre.  The training and support is fantastic.  The system is user friendly not only for our administrators but for our customers too.  I particularly like the Dashboard function as it is a great tool for giving an 'at a glance' report on figures and income."

Ryan Hillier, Finance Officer

"BookingPlus is very efficient at managing our lettings and is extremely easy to use for ourselves and clients. The ability to generate and send out invoices through the system has saved so much admin time. Excellent system and would recommend to others."

Sasha Chard, Marketing & Development Officer

"BookingPlus has become an essential part of managing our lettings at Haydon School, it has allowed the process of hiring our facilities to become much smoother and easier. It has also allowed us to organise our bookings and staff much more efficiently. The system has some great features and it is very simple to use, I would highly recommend it to other schools."

Gill Bradley, Caroline Chisholm School Hirer

"Our experience with Kajima Community has been absoluetly brilliant from the outset. The team are all fantastic people and they've always supported the club. They're always asking what we need and how they can help. I really cant say anything bad about them and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

Penny Gordon, Education Village Hirer

"The team at Kajima are always brilliant and they help us wherever they can.  Everyone there is approachable, friendly and helpful and it's so easy to manage our bookings with them - we'd really recommend working with them."

Alison Jefferson, Business Manager

"Durham Trinity School engaged the BookingsGuru service to make it easy for us to open up our facilities to the community, providing us with experienced resource which is not available in-house.  It also provides us with new revenue, which we intend to invest in outdoor play equipment and a wellbeing programme to ensure that we can provide the best possible learning environments and opportunities for our students. Everybody wins!"

Tricia Sammut, Finance Administrator

""We are very happy with BookingsPlus. It  is easy to use and enables users to see at a glance spaces available for hire, which simplifies booking clients onto the system. Invoicing has become more streamlined and admin time has been reduced. The support and help available is excellent with any queries resolved immediately and I would definitely recommend this service. If users have numerous venues then the benefits they would receive would be even more rewarding.""

Sheila Namiq, Lettings Manager

"Since transitioning to BookingsPlus, City of London Academy have found running our Lettings has become much smoother and easier.  BookingsPlus has some great features, is simple to use and Kajima have a fantastic duty of care to their clients. They are extremely informative and responsive so there is no need to stress or worry if you are struggling with something. We are extremely happy with BookingsPlus and look forward to exploring all of their other great features and also, continuing being a part of a great community."

Christine Heywood, Manager

"Managing six busy community centres can be a challenge, however as BookingsPlus is web-based and mobile compatible, it allows me instant access to view customer bookings across the centres - ideal when juggling staffing commitments on the move."

Jake Greenwood, Business Manager

"BookingsPlus has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our bookings process at Four Dwellings Academy. Within days of implementing it, BookingsPlus proved its worth, quickly becoming business as usual, facilitated by the helpful, hands-on approach of the Kajima Community team. "

Sam Revell, Sports Centre Manager

"BookingsPlus has revolutionised the way we manage school lettings. The ease of use and efficiency of BookingsPlus has allowed us to focus more time on other aspects of managing the sports centre, which has improved the experience for the customer. The website included has provided us with an excellent space to advertise the many facilities we have here, as well as the range of activities our customers have to offer. "

Chris Honey, Head of Estates and Facilities

"BookingsPlus has proved an excellent management tool for our busy lettings schedule at Cheney School. For new software it’s extremely easy to pick up and our customers love it. I’d certainly recommend it, as it represents excellent value for money."

Sam Apple-McKen, Helpdesk

"Anything that makes my life straightforward in the workplace, is very much valued and this is what BookingsPlus delivers. It’s a fantastic system with a simple, user friendly setup. The system guides you through each step of the booking process and has many features that aid the user and their clients. If at any point you do encounter a problem the BookingsPlus Help Desk offer a friendly and professional helping hand to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The ongoing updates to the system show a continued effort to help and improve the user experience."

Helen Chamberlain, Finance Director

"We were initially very sceptical as to whether we needed an administration and marketing service at first. However, having a dedicated team looking after the lettings that are customer focused makes a real difference. Enquiries are immediately answered and Information on the lets is freely available for us to scrutinise and authorise. Kajima also look after all our invoicing and safeguarding requirements. Retaining control of who is using our school is very important for us and this is an ideal solution"

Dawn Sturgeon-Brown, Estates Support

"I have found the new booking system, easy to manage and extremely efficient. This was a massive project to get up and running and with the help of the staff to guide us, went remarkably well. The system is now fully functional and we have had very good feedback from the users. It has made my job so much easier as I need to spend very little time with the bookings of sessional spaces now."

Kathy Buxton, Lettings Administrator

"BookingsPlus has become essential in managing our Lettings. The Helpdesk are always available and willing to help - although it is such an efficient, user-friendly system that I have not had much need to contact them!"

John Costello, Commercial Director

"We were looking for a company with a long track record in assisting organisations with school lettings. Initially we were just looking at the software, BookingsPlus. However, soon realised that we didn't have the expertise or the time to devote to increasing our lettings and so we opted for the administration and marketing option to give us the best chance to grow our lettings. "

Angela Mellish, Business Manager

"We wouldn’t be without BookingsPlus! It has saved us so much time with the speedy invoicing and online payments. We recently had the auditors in who commented that the system was an auditors dream and that they would recommend it to other schools."

Paul O’Connell, Business Development Officer

"The BookingsPlus team have been truly amazing; their advice, commitment and ongoing support has been exemplary – as a school, we thoroughly recommend Kajima for all your booking management requirements."

Ben Smith, Director, Robertson FM

"Easy to navigate, with a clear menu of functions for storing and reporting customer information on lettings bookings including an accounts and invoicing section that takes the pain out of these operations. Pleased,… I am delighted! Kajima offer a very professional and ethical service."

Suzanne Loyden, Business Manager

"We are very happy with the consultancy work that Kajima have carried out, BookingsPlus and the support that we have received. The system has brought new efficiencies to our operation."

Jayne Bickmore, Business Manager

"In the time that Kajima have been working in partnership with Beaumont Leys School they have transformed our community provision and our standing in the community. They are professional and responsive to our needs and that of the community."

Anna Wyskok, Community Business Manager

"We have been working with Kajima Community for over three years since the school opened. Westside is a small school with big ambitions and Kajima are helping to realise that potential. We currently retain their marketing services for a day a month to keep our community lettings enquiries coming in."

Steve Almond, Account Director

"Mitie are leaders in the educational & PFI sectors providing Facilities Management services to over 100 schools on a national basis. Partnering with Kajima Community and their BookingsPlus system has meant that we can focus on our core business."

Daniel Pyke, Finance Officer

"BookingsPlus has become an integral tool for our lettings department, increasing our lettings and even increasing our letting enquiries, worth every penny."

Caroline Brotherton, Lettings Manager

"The on-line booking system has considerably cut down on paper work. The online reports are extremely useful, they allow me to keep staff informed of all bookings, times, facilities that are going on in the school on a daily basis. "

Dan Duggan, School Facility Hirer

"As a hirer of the Education Village, I find it really convenient to be able to view and pay for my regular bookings online.""

Keely Cable, Community Development Manager

"BookingsPlus has been an invaluable addition to the management of the school letting system. The helpdesk is second to none, rarely do you find this high level of customer service. No request is too much for the ladies that man the helpdesk."

Darren Norwood, Managing Director

"We have searched for several years to find a system to manage the community bookings at the schools we work with. BookingsPlus makes our job much simpler by having all of the required information in one place, which makes it ideal for managing multi-sites. Knowing that the Helpdesk is there on the rare occasion that you may need some support is also an added benefit!"

Kent Da’obry, Facilities & Lettings Manager

"BookingsPlus does exactly what it says – it offers real time savings and great value for money."

Clare Foreman, Centre Manager

"Although the system takes up a portion of our marketing budget, we weigh this up against the time it saves and the additional income we generate from returning customers and website enquiries. The system has delivered above and beyond what we imagined."

Jason Baldaro, Procurement Manager

"Both the software, BookingsPlus, and the service, BookingsGuru, are innovative solutions helping schools fill the shortfalls in funding. We found that as well as demonstrating a track record in excellent customer service with existing Ark Academy schools, both of these have real potential to make a difference."

Kirsten Secker, Health Centre Director

"We're getting on very well with BookingsPlus it's intuitive, efficient and easy to use. The therapists are really liking the software and pleased we switched over to your system."

Ian Hinley, Lettings Manager

"Bookings Plus allows Interserve to keep a close eye on how we are delivering our Third Party Lettings. The system not only allows you to compile reports on the performance of the business, but also provides the user with the opportunity to mail clients, issue invoices, upload H&S documents as well as managing your venue’s website. The system is efficient and simple to use. The after care team are always on hand to help with any problems or queries, which, in turn makes the whole package very attractive."