Meet the BookingsPlus Team

I'm responsible for finding the best solution to suit your venue's needs. Working across both BookingsPlus and BookingsGuru it's my job to ensure the service you chose is right for you. I spend lots of time talking to customers, feeding back to our customer support team and making sure that our lettings solutions are doing their job for our customers.

If I'm not in the office, you can usually find me on a golf course.
Domenico Forgione Business Development Manager 01604 677 764
I am just a phone call or email away from all the questions you have about BookingsPlus and look forward to providing you with ideal solutions! I will set up your booking system and create your shiny new website to help you market your facilities to get those extra enquiries!

I am a keen baker…….and all those cakes mean that I have to love getting on my running shoes!
Amberley Kent Quality Assurance 01604 677 764
I help to promote both our BookingsPlus and BookingsGuru services, letting people know all about our fantastic product. I have used our software to manage lettings at multiple venues which gives me first-hand knowledge about how customers can benefit from using our system.

You can usually find me out running, at boot-camp or watching some kind of sport.
Julie Moorhouse Marketing & Sales, North 01604 677 764
I oversee the full Kajima Community team consisting of over 50 employees in roles such as; software development, customer support, bookings coordination, sales and marketing, operations and finance. I ensure we deliver an excellent customer experience, every time, whether that’s via our bookings team, our customer support centre or our on-site teams.

I have a passion for anything active, cycling, walking, sailing and even vets rugby is on the agenda in my down-time.
Chris Smith Head of Community 01604 677 764
My roles is to work closely with our team of Developers to continually improve our BookingsPlus software - making improvements to the application to make our customers' lives easier. Testing our software is also a part of my role.

I am a fan of all kinds of sports such as cycling, football and table tennis and I love to socialise.
Kristis Teniauskas Software Engineer 01604 677 764
I am part of the customer support team and am on hand to assist our customers to get the most out of their software system. Call me with any of your queries and I will be happy to help!
Daniel Nelson Client Services Representative 01670 677 764
I head up the in-house development team working on new developments and improvements to our software. I enjoy bringing new and innovative features to life, for the benefit of our customers.
Kieran Johnson Head of Software Engineering 01670 677 764
I oversee the development of our bookings software - bringing together our Business Analysts, Software Developers and Testers, to design innovative solutions that meet our client’s needs. I collaborate with our clients to understand their requirements to help them achieve their business goals, utilising our products. I also oversee our Customer Support team who provide support to our customers be it on-boarding or ongoing technical support.

I enjoy exploring new, up-coming innovations.
Hemant Kalra Head of Product Development 01670 677 764
My job is to diagnose the issues preventing our customers from maximising the use of their facilities, and to develop solutions that deliver benefits to them and their communities. I'm passionate about supporting the public sector to deliver excellent services and realise the outcomes that digital transformation offers.

With two children under 5, my social life is somewhat limited! I like to be active and occasionally can be found watching my local team Gillingham FC lose.
Jack Woodley Senior Sales Consultant 01604 677 764
Working closely with the Product Development team, my role is to ensure that BookingsPlus is working for our customers. I am responsible for overseeing our Helpdesk and Customer Support team, making sure any issues are dealt with timely and effectively, and delivering on our SLAs. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, yoga, and weight training

In my free time, I enjoy dancing, yoga, and weight training.
Aditi Shrivastava Software Services Manager 01604 677 764
Within my role as Digital Marketing Apprentice, I help to promote our BookingsPlus platform across our main sectors – Schools, Local Authorities and Healthcare. I work with our Marketing Manager to create content for our social media accounts, update our website, gather news, blogs, testimonials and more.

I’m really enjoying working on such an exciting product. In my spare time you could find me on the tennis courts or catching up with friends.
Thalina Houghton Digital Marketing Apprentice 01604 677 764
As a BookingsPlus Developer, I work with the rest of the team to develop new features and improvements to our software. It's my job to understand technical requirements and look for the best and most performant solutions. It's a constantly changing and challenging job and I enjoy it a great deal.

In my spare time, I like to run, and embarrass my children by playing the bass guitar.
Marc George Software Engineer 01604 677 764
My role involves onboarding new clients, training them on our software and helping with ongoing support. I am also responsible for carrying out virtual tours – a brand new feature which we have brought to our platform to help hirers visualise the facilities on offer and encouraging more, higher quality venue bookings.

Outside of work, I am passionate about film, Formula 1 and simulator racing.
James Kightley Client Services Specialist 01604 677 764
As a Software Engineer, I am responsible for developing new and maintaining existing features within BookingsPlus. I regularly collaborate with the rest of the software team to analyse new requirements and implement code to continually improve our offering to our customers.

I usually spend my leisure time playing badminton or cricket. I also have a passion for music, and you'll often find me strumming away on my guitar.
Sumanth Samala Software Engineer 01604 677 764
As a Software Support Executive, I’m responsible for onboarding new clients and providing ongoing system support throughout their BookingsPlus journey with us.

During my free time I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and shopping.
Ajay Prakash Software Support Executive 01604 677 764
I oversee the testing process for new system features, which includes planning, coordinating, and implementing tests, as well as recruiting and managing various test activities.

In my free time, I enjoy running or taking walks with my son.
Jay Pathak Test Manager 01670 677 764