How to boost your school lettings – Tip 3…

Now that you are creating lots of lovely content and regularly posting on your social platforms, the big question is, is your audience paying attention to the message you are putting out? Increasing engagement is vital to avoid the ‘mega phone effect’, getting your audience engaging with your content will ensure you spread your message far and wide. 

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Monitor your engagement – use simple metrics within your social platforms, such as, how many Follows, Likes, Comments and Reposts you are receiving. On most social platforms, you will have access to ‘account insights’ where you will be provided with in-depth analytics on how well your account is performing. Look at the types of posts that are getting the most interaction, is video more appealing to your audience, or infographics? What time of the day and which days of the week are people engaging with your posts? – maximise your exposure by sticking with the most popular days and times.

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Increase your engagement – make new connections by ‘Following’ relevant hirers, groups, local businesses, potential partners – having a big network means your message reaches more people.  Liking, sharing and commenting on other people’s posts will encourage them to connect and engage with you.

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Our top tip: Create a content plan. This can include the type of content you are going to post, when you will post it, and your key message. This will ensure you plan the most relevant content, to be posted at the best times to get the most engagement from your audience.

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