How to boost your school lettings – Tip 2…

Welcome to our second installment of ‘How to boost your school lettings through the use of social media’. This week we’re taking a look at how you can ‘Maximise your content’.

Creating engaging and relevant content is vital if you want to get the most out of what social media can offer. Before creating any content however, it’s important to consider your target audience (what is their age group and what platforms would they most likely be using?), post frequency (how often will you post a week, what times of the day and on which days?) and content form (what type of content will your audience find most engaging – video, infographics, images?). 

Let’s explore five potential content ideas for school lettings: 

1) Showcase your facilities. Why not take your potential hirers on a guided-tour of your school, or share high-quality photos of your facilities so they can gain a glimpse of what you have to offer. 

2) Share testimonials and reviews. Have you recently received good feedback? Why not share that with your audience through an eye-catching graphic. Take a at our LinkedIn page to find some examples of ours. 

3) Re-purpose content. Is there content already out there that you can re-use? This may be a snapshot from a past hirer or a video capturing an activity hosted at your facilities. There could already be a plethora of content out there so chat to your hirers and users, find out what they are posting and where, and re-post.

4) ‘Meet the Team’. Introducing your school’s letting team can help establish personal connections and build trust with potential hirers. You may want to include their name and headshot followed by their role, experience and a fun fact (or two)! 

5) Promote special offers. Who doesn’t love a good offer? Give your potential hirers an incentive to make that booking by sharing any offers or discount codes. 

Our top tip: Whilst it may seem time-consuming initially, start with a piece of lengthy content such as a blog (informal news article), video or presentation. Once you have your main piece of content you can chop it up into smaller segments or make it into alternative forms of content, such as a social media post or image gallery, and utilise it multiple times across different platforms – it will save you time in the long run.

Take a look back at last week’s Tip 1 – Getting started.

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