Frequently Asked Questions

Directly relating our fee to your bookings encourages us to work harder to increase your enquiries and to find methods of making your facilities more visible to the community.

The 3% fee includes:

- An optimised website including: hosting; domain; unlimited pages (subject to design); social network links; Content Management System and daily back-ups.

- An admin system including: secure login; daily back-ups; venue setup tool; management dashboard tool; calendar of bookings; client accounts; enquiry handling; single & recurring bookings; availability checker across venues; invoicing in - less than a minute; payments and a suite of Excel based reports.

- A client account portal including: secure login; sign up to terms; confirmation of bookings; view bookings and statements; print invoices; make online payments (if opt for GoCardless) and the facility to upload documents.

- A dedicated helpdesk facility 09:30 - 17:30 weekdays and free upgrades and developments when they occur.
The set-up fee includes a full days training on Bookings Plus including guidance on setting up your website to market your facilities. Your website will be reviewed, published, verified and submitted to the search engines. Access to view hits to your website via Google Analytics will be provided together with import templates to easily transfer your existing spaces and clients into Bookings Plus.
Our experience in hiring out schools facilities means that we understand why an online booking system is not ideal for either the school or the hirer, and why we believe that an online enquiry form puts the school lettings officer in control of who can book and when. An enquiry form allows you to judge whether the booking is appropriate for the school; to assess the number of people that will be coming on site and to amend the staffing accordingly; to ensure that you have enough time between badminton bookings and cricket bookings to change the room set-ups; to ensure that you don't run 2 zumba classes at the same time which would not benefit either hirer; and also to up sell a different space, day or timeslot when there is no availability at the time the hirer was enquiring about.
There is no software to download, BookingsPlus is cloud based. All data is backed up every day and stored separately. The source code is securely stored online with a service called Github (for a more in-depth technical specification, please contact us).

All you need is an internet connection, BookingsPlus looks good on PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone. It works well on all browsers including: Chrome, Firefox Internet Explorer (version 8 upwards) and Safari.
BookingsPlus can be used for bookings during the school day making it ideal for managing shared spaces such as conference rooms and assembly halls, blocking out any planned/reactive maintenance and managing evening school activities such as open days and parents evenings.
Excel templates are provided to enable us to easily import your clients data and your spaces into BookingsPlus.
The hirers have their own online account area where they view their bookings and invoices and make online payments via our partner, GoCardless.

A button on their invoice encourages them to quickly and easily pay when they first view it! The hirer will input their bank account details and create a password the first time and on subsequent invoices to be paid they will simply click the button and input their password to authorise payment. The invoice will be marked as paid automatically.

Payment via GoCardless is cheaper than card processing with only a 1% fee, capped at £2 and deducted at source. You can still take any of your current methods of payment, and record these in BookingsPlus.
There is no minimum contract, if you would like to terminate all we ask is that you pay for your use of the system up to the date that you wish to finish and that you notify us in writing.
The report tool allows users to easily download data from BookingsPlus to Excel, allowing the user to be able to manipulate the data as they require. Reports such as the Value of your bookings, your invoiced sales and credit notes raised, your payments received and refunded, your open enquiries, the number of school hours bookings, attendance registers and activity sheets for your site staff all help you get a picture of your lettings. If it is in the system, we can get it out!
For an urgent issue (affects the service supplied to all users) we commit to resolve the problem within 1 working day with an average resolve time of 6 hours. For non urgent and training issues the resolve time on average is 1 working day.
There are no limits on the number of spaces or on the number of venues you wish to create.
There are 5 different levels of access tailored to the master admin who can set up new users, the venue administrator taking the bookings, the finance team who want read only access / reporting, the site staff team who want to view the calendar of bookings / run key reports and the school viewing the availability of rooms.