Top tips: How to take the best images of your facilities and improve your website…

Our resident photographer, Saron Solomon, gives some hints and tips on how to take the perfect facility photo and improve your website.

Did you know that the digital world has turned us all into photographers?  It is now suggested that more than 1 trillion photos were taken in 2018 alone! First impressions count and how you showcase your facilities for hire, is extremely important for gaining new bookings one of the first things that hirers will associate with your venue is your photographs, therefore we have put together the following tips when taking stunning photos of your facilities:

Pre-shoot setup

Prepping the space before the shoot is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your photos. Tidy up beforehand, whether it’s moving cars, chairs, tables or whatever you feel necessary it is also important to turn on all the lights, and open doors, curtains and blinds to allow enough light to illuminate the space.

Equipment to use

If you are completely inexperienced when it comes to taking photos of your facilities, using the right equipment will give you a great start. Purchasing a DSLR would be ideal ( however, most of us will have a powerful tool in our hands already which is, our smart phones. Although smart phones are not ideal for capturing professional images, they can definitely be used if working on a budget.

  • DSLR– DSLR cameras compared to smart phones provide huge amounts of functionality and customisability through interchangeable lenses and technical settings. Willing to invest in an entry-level camera? Canon EOS 4000D ( and Nikon D3500 are great entry-level models that produce amazing results.
  • Wide-angle Lens– Another important tool in your photography kit is a wide-angle lens. This will allow you to fit more into the shot, giving a more spacious feel. Sigma EX Wide-Angle Zoom 10-20mm f/3.5. (
  • Smart phone– As mentioned above, using a smart phone might not give you the most professional results, but it does the job well! One of the most impressive functionalities of a smart phone (which almost all smartphones possess) is having the option to turn on gridlines to balance your shot. Turning on grid varies from device to device. Further information on rule of thirds and how to turn on gridlines can be found ( Always remember to shoot in landscape orientation to capture a wide range of space.

Shooting from waist height

When taking photos of your facilities, the next essential bit to consider is how to position your camera. The best and simplest way is to crouch down at the corner of the room to take the shot from waist height. Warning: You will be giving your knees and glutes a little workout, but the end result will look a million times better!

In short…

The main goal is to keep images neat and clear, capturing the feel of your facility. In short, keep the following in mind:

  • Always shoot in landscape orientation (sideways). Along with a wide-angle lens as this will help you capture every corner of a room
  • Crouch down and shoot at waist height to keep walls vertical.
  • Always frame the shot by aligning objects in the corners, such as windows, door frames, or where the walls and ceiling meet.
  • Last but not least, show off your facility’s unique features! Include close-up shots of details such as ballet barre, floodlights, floor markings, and much more. Be as creative and innovative with your photos.

We hope this little guide has given you a little direction to capturing better images for your booking websites. For more information, contact me on or call 01604 677 764.