The importance of community access to public venues post-lockdown…

What does the future hold for our schools and colleges?

With a third lockdown well and truly underway, staff and students have felt the impact of widespread virtual learning and campus restrictions, while valuable school facilities are lying empty.  Head of Community, Chris Smith, discussed with Further Education News the importance of community access to public venues post-lockdown and how this will not only foster community connection, but will also drive revenue for schools’ recovery.


Date: 2nd February 2021

With yet another lockdown upon us, educational and community spaces have once again been left in limbo. COVID-19 has not just taken a toll on the staff and students, but also on wider access to school and college facilities that are so important to the wider community, such as sports halls and astro pitches.

However, looking forward to the post-pandemic era, these often-underutilised facilities offer a source to support recovery. We know from experience that working with educational environments to create a letting strategy can be invaluable not only in generating revenue, but also in helping students, families and communities to come together again…

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