Supplier Focus: SRS Employment Bureau…

Carol Couling, Managing Director at SRS Bureau, provides recruitment and employment services for Kajima Community’s lettings support in schools.   

My name is Carol and I’m the Managing Director of boutique recruitment agency SRS Recruitment Bureau. We have worked with Kajima for over 10 years, first providing recruitment services for roles within their head office. Now, we provide our services to Kajima Community, supporting schools across the UK with recruiting and administering the additional part-time staff required when letting out their facilities to clubs and community groups.

Both full-time and part-time staff play a vital part in powering lettings to run smoothly and effectively. On-boarding people, completing payroll and providing transparent communication on issues such as holiday entitlement is vital, and we help lessen the administrative burden that schools would otherwise face.

As schools and communities navigate the impacts of COVID-19, these processes have never been more important. But the effect of the pandemic, with schools having had to close and now implement new safety practices, mean that such tasks have never been harder to manage, or more time consuming.

Providing an efficient solution to this, SRS Bureau manages a school’s or other organisation’s part-time staff through our own payroll. We focus on not only ensuring that schools have administrative support, but that the part-time staff themselves are also easily able to ask any questions regarding their pay and employment, receive transparent communication on issues like tax codes, and get support with managing accrued holiday.

There’s no typical day in the work we do for Kajima Community, because it depends on what questions people have and how we can support them. During lockdown, we’ve been communicating even more with people, ensuring that they feel supported throughout these unusual times. And because we manage the payrolls as well as recruitment, we’ve been ensuring that part-time staff have as much information as possible, as quickly as possible as schools look to reopen.

I always say that working in the recruitment industry and with the team at Kajima Community is particularly fulfilling, because we always get to make three people happy — the candidate, the hirer and our own business.

Having been introduced to other lettings businesses by Kajima Community, we have a wealth of experience in meeting the needs of organisations when managing their part-time staff. Ultimately, it means a lot to be able to help support the schools and staff who play such a vital role in their communities.  If you[re venue is in need of assistance with temporary community staff contact Carol at