Smart Software, BookingsPlus, can help schools bring in new income…

Published by: Technology & Innovation

Date: September 2019

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With the rise of the twenty first century classroom, individual mobile devices and interactive whiteboards have become a common feature of the education landscape, and UK schools now spend £900m annually on edtech. However, whilst the adoption of modern learning tools has been widespread, schools are only just beginning to understand the powerful potential of technology in education to transform not just the way students learn, but the learning environment itself – and even to generate fresh revenue.

Education establishments are home to some of the UK’s best facilities, from sporting fields to swimming pools, and all have access to spaces such as classrooms, car parks and main halls. Some even benefit from state-of-the-art offerings, such as performing arts spaces and recording studios. But after the school day and during holidays, many of these assets are underutilised.

By simply hiring out these facilities for use by local community groups, such as dance and sports organisations, social clubs, holiday camp providers and charities, schools can generate significant annual revenues.

Technology is forming a critical part of this opportunity. By implementing a simple, online booking tool, educational institutions can centralise what can be a complicated administrative process, from booking to billing.