Q&A with David Stubbs, BookingsPlus’ Customer Service Manager…

Our customer service manager, David, reflects on how COVID-19 has affected both his team and his own role. He also talks about the positives he will be taking from this year into 2021. 

Q. How has the pandemic affected your department so far?

A. From an internal point of view the move to remote working has meant we have needed to adapt how we collaborate and communicate as a team. This has been made easy however through tools such as Microsoft Teams where we can continue working together almost as if we were together. For this reason, we have been able to turn the situation into a positive experience with a better emphasis on the work/home balance for each member of our team.

From a customer perspective, with us being unable to attend face-to-face meetings for long periods, all of our training is currently being delivered online. There are actually many benefits to online training and in the present situation it is allowing us to continue educating and supporting our customers to the same high level and at their convenience.

The nature of how we offer ongoing support to our customers has also changed. The mentality of growth for many venues has shifted to one of preservation and therefore much of the guidance we are providing at this time is based around how BookingsPlus can help them easily and effectively administer their lettings, reacting to the ever-changing Government guidance around the use of their facilities and helping venues to ensure they remain safe places for hirers to attend.

Q. What positives are you taking from 2020?

A. While there is no doubting 2020 has been challenging, there are plenty of positives to take into 2021. Contrary to the current situation, we have seen our portfolio of venues grow at a rapid rate in the past few months. As venues prepare for the start of the new year and an anticipated return to near normality, it has been full steam ahead for us as a customer services team ensuring all of our new venues are setup and ready to go, when the time is right for them.

BookingsPlus has some exciting new developments on the horizon and we know venues are going to benefit greatly from what we have planned. As a team, we are really looking forward to working with our customers to build upon the hard work they have put into preserving their lettings this year and helping them to flourish into 2021 and beyond.

Q. What will your department do differently post covid

A. A long-term change I envisage moving forward into 2021 will be to our delivery of training to both new and existing customers. With organisations having being forced to transition to an online way of working, I believe more will now feel confident and comfortable wanting to interact with us in this way, ensuring that we can still offer a great level of service, safely and efficiently, at our customers’ convenience

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