Our top 5 tips for improving community engagement…

There are many benefits on offer to schools who actively engage with their local community.  Close partnerships and community links can help schools in a number of ways whether it be accessing specialist coaching and resource to the benefit of its students, making use of its assets to generate additional income, getting involved in raising awareness of local charities and causes or building beneficial partnerships with businesses and suppliers.

Here we some of our top tips for engaging with your local community:

  1. Engage on social media.  Facebook and Twitter are great, free platforms to promote your school.  Start building your community by liking or following existing suppliers and contacts or if you hire your facilities, link with your current hirers.  Interesting posts with images, links to your website, polls and videos will encourage interaction.
  2. Ensure you have a presence online and a dedicated page for Community links and activities.  If you let your facilities to hirers, detail what’s available, pricing and how to get in touch.
  3. List your community-accessible activities on your website.  If you let your facilities, advertise your hirers classes to encourage participation and let the community know what’s available to them at your school.
  4. Have a Community option from your switchboard.  Let anyone who is contacting your school know that you are actively involved in the community and encourage businesses, hirers, charities and other potential partners to get in touch with you.
  5. With the amount of footfall in and out of your school, a banner is a really cost effective way of letting visitors, students and passers by know that you are engaging with your community.  Let them know who they can contact about getting involved with your school.

If you’d like more information about how we could help you maximise your community engagement through letting your facilities, contact our team of Marketing Gurus at hello@bookingsplus.co.uk.