Our top 5 social media marketing tips…

Dom Forgione is our in-house marketing expert and it’s his job to promote all of our clients’ facilities to potential hirers,getting the word out about events and activities taking place.

Here, Dom shares his tried-and-tested top 5 tips for social media marketing – helping you to grow your presence online, increase bookings and your lettings revenue.

  • Create: create a page on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and add them to your website so that you can generate traffic from your website directly to your social media accounts. If you have a You Tube channel, add this too!
  • Generate: friend request and ‘like’ your clients, their customers, local businesses and any potential hirers of your facilities.  Build relationships with the wider community whilst growing your audience and reach.  You never know who might see your post and make an enquiry about your facilities!
  • Promote: use events and activities taking place at your venue to advertise your fantastic spaces for hire. Take pictures, videos and speak to the users themselves – all this builds support your posts and helps to promote your venue.
  • Share: share images and videos on your page to catch people’s eye and keep your visitors engaged when they are scrolling social media in their free time. Videos and images are a great way of grabbing attention as they are quicker to absorb than lots of text…
  • Represent: add personality and emoticons when writing your posts and commenting on social media. Be approachable and have fun, but always remember you are representing your venue and sending a message with every interaction.  Make your venue a great place to hire!

For more information on marketing your school or how our range of lettings services can help you get more from your lettings, email domenico.forgione@kajima.co.uk.