Meet our Business Development Manager, Domenico Forgione…

We caught up with Domenico Forgione, BookingsPlus’s Business Development Manager, to find out what he loves about Kajima Community…

Q. Tell us about your journey at Kajima Community so far

A. I started at Kajima in February 2018 as the BookingsGuru Marketing Assistant.  I began my current role as Business Development Manager in January this year. I now handle all new business enquiries and sales – so if people are calling to enquire about Kajima Community, it’s me they’ll speak to!

Q. What does Kajima Community do – and why is it different?

A. We pride ourselves on being the experts and actually making a difference, both in terms of helping schools and others to raise extra vital revenue, but also in turn helping support  local community groups to access facilities they might otherwise not.   We’re really encouraged and empowered to be creative and independent within the Community team. It means a lot to be part of a company that has been looking after staff during the pandemic. I think Kajima Community, being part of the larger Kajima family, also makes a real difference – not only for staff but also for our clients who know we’re still going to be here for them.

What’s the most unusual venue you’ve brought on board?

A. No unusual ones so far, but we do have a wide range of customers from schools to community centres, libraries, arts centres and surgeries! I have definitely noticed a huge uptake in enquiries since the lockdown has eased so I’m now delivering many more virtual demonstrations on our BookingsPlus lettings software – in response to the pandemic, we’ve moved all our demonstrations online, for the time being, so we can deliver these safely and effectively to potential customers.

Lots of schools are also getting in touch to say whilst they’re cautious about re-opening, they want to be able to rent out their facilities, not least to raise extra revenue but also to help bring their communities back together, so that they can benefit from the social, physical and well-being aspects of participating in group activities.  We’ve spent a lot of time developing guidelines and practical tips and advice for how schools can do that safely.

To find out how Kajima Community can help you boost your lettings, contact Dom at or on 01604 677 764.