Our Helpdesk Coordinator Amberley celebrates four years at Kajima!…

Our Helpdesk are here to support you through your BookingsPlus journey with us.  Find out more about our Coordinator, Amberley Kent and what she loves about being part of the Kajima Community team…

My name’s Amberley and my job role is BookingsPlus and Helpdesk support, which I will have been doing for two years on 10th October.

Every day in my job is different! On the helpdesk I mainly answer questions and try to solve customers’ problems, but I also assist the sales and customer service team, which involves responding to lots of calls and emails.

Another big part of my job is supporting the development department. Kajima Community is a very innovative company, with a big focus on product development.  I help by testing new and existing platform features to make sure that everything is working correctly before it goes live. This is one of my favourite things about my job – I love seeing ideas grow from seed concepts into a functional part of our offer.

Typically the ten of us on our floor work really closely together. There are currently two of us on the helpdesk, but every day we are work with the developers and development manager, as a bigger team.

Since I joined, things have changed quite a lot as our offer and the business have expanded.  Now, customer service is a separate department, we’ve grown from having one to five developers!

I’m really proud of the fact that I started working with Kajima Community when I was only 17, as part time on the ground support staff at the local school, where I was a student at the time. I’ve gone from literally helping to set up badminton courts on behalf of Kajima Community, to my current role co-managing the BookingsPlus helpdesk!

The office is really outgoing. We socialise together out of work, from regular nights out to the summer social activity day and our Christmas get together. We have a strong team dynamic that works well and keeps us all motivated.

We’re really big on people’s birthdays and love celebrating them.  One of my favourite moments was when we bought a giant cardboard cut-out of Gary Barlow for one of the team – when we brought him through the door she started screaming! She’s still got him– I think she took him home with her!