Let with confidence…

Whether you already run an established lettings programme or if you’re yet to discover an efficient way to manage your lettings, our tried and tested solutions can help. Our solutions help schools to not only reduce the amount of time spent administering lettings but will promote your facilities to potential hirers and in-turn, boost your lettings revenue. Our services will guarantee to deliver efficiencies on your current system and increase your income.

We currently partner with over 400 schools across the country and know what it takes to deliver an efficient and cost effective lettings programme.

Neil Lewis, Head of Enterprise at the Lionheart Academy Trust oversees the lettings at all 14 of the Trusts venues, and has been utilising BookingsPlus to manage the lettings administration and marketing since 2018. Our Sales & Marketing Manager, Julie Moorhouse, spoke to Neil about our lettings oftware and the benefits it has brought across the Trust.

To find out more and speak to one of our team about how our online lettings software, or lettings service BookingsGuru could help your school to maximise its lettings, call 01604 677 764.