Introducing our new customer referral scheme!

If you’re a current customer of our lettings software and would like to spread the word about BookingsPlus, you can benefit from our new fantastic referral scheme. Extol the virtues of BookingsPlus to any organisation who rent out their space including schools, community centres, temporary offices and places of worship.

How it works…

All you have to do is supply us with a name and contact details of somebody that you have talked about BookingsPlus with and we will do the rest. We will arrange to visit them and give a no obligation demonstration of our lettings software and if they subsequently sign up to BookingsPlus your organisation or a charity of your choice will receive £250 as a thank you from us.

There are no stipulations about how the money should be spent so you can use it to benefit your organisation in whichever way you wish.

Phone us on 01604 677764 or email for more details.