Online courses for you and your lettings team…

As we enter another phase of National lockdown and lettings for both our own and our partner schools cease for a period once again, we’re taking the opportunity to invest in our lettings teams ensuring they have all the tools and training they need in order to reactive our lettings, when the time is right.  If you’ve taken the decision to furlough some or all of your lettings team, they are still able to complete work-related training whilst remaining eligible for the scheme.  You can find out further details about the Government’s job retention scheme online at

Working with our online training partner, iHasco, we’ve selected five fantastic courses which could be of benefit to staff involved in overseeing lettings within your own facility:

Customer Service Training – This CPD accredited course will help your team to deliver excellent customer service to and improve interpersonal skills with, your site users. It’s imperative that your lettings manager, your caretaking team and everyone in between, who have contact with your users, is skilled at providing a first-class service ensuring satisfied customers and repeat business.

Essential Health & Safety TrainingThis basic health and safety programme covers the key areas of health and safety that you are legally required to train your staff in. It provides an easy-to-follow but comprehensive introduction to the major topics that will keep your venue safe for staff and users. The course is IOSH approved and also has an advanced follow-on course for managers and supervisors.

Manual Handling Training – We know that the tasks involved in operationally managing lettings can often be physical.  This training course will teach your site team all they need to know about safe lifting and carrying techniques in the workplace ensuring their own personal safety at work.

Risk Assessment Training – A key Health and Safety course that will teach your lettings team both what risk assessments are, as well as how and when to perform them. The training is IOSH approved and will ensure staff understand the benefits of comprehensive risk assessments and that your site is compliant with basic legislation.

You can also download our sample COVID-19 specific risk assessment template to help you get started.

Mental Health Awareness Training – Right now, we understand keeping your mental health in check, has never been so important – with the uncertainties around how and when lettings may continue, your lettings team may be feeling stressed and anxious about their job security as well as dealing with personal issues arising during the pandemic.  The course raises awareness of ill-mental health, provides tools and guidance for daily wellbeing-management and aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. It’s the only course of its kind to achieve an IOSH approval and also won the THS Health & Safety Award in 2020!  There is also a follow on course for managers identifying a range of well-being management techniques which can be implemented in the workplace.

A full list of courses can be found online at  Contact our account manager Jack at for a quotation. for a quotation.