Get more from your lettings…

When hiring out your space for community use, try our simple ‘top tips’ to help you develop a lettings business that is as seamless and efficient as possible:

Use all of your school’s assets: anything from carparks to classrooms can be let out, and every asset owned, including overhead projectors and interactive whiteboards, can increase a school’s lettings value significantly.  Promote these assets online and let people know about them.

Appoint a lettings coordinator: if possible, nominate one person to take responsibility for your lettings – this could be the business manager, or a dedicated lettings manager who will take ownership.

Minimise administrative burden: implement an an online bookings system which can holistically manage the four essential elements of lettings; marketing, bookings, payments and communication to ensure a streamlined and efficient approach.

Market your school: marketing will support sales. Some online booking systems provide expert marketing advice, with in-built features such as Search Engine Optimisation enabling schools to maintain a strong, targeted web presence, promoting your facilities to potential hirers.

Stay ahead of regulatory developments: ensure you are fully compliant with legal, regulatory and technological developments.  Some lettings products and services will do this for you.

Be price sensitive: for yourselves and your clients.  Price your space competitively, be aware of other facilities in your locality and what they are charging to ensure you are offering reasonable hire rates.

Provide a great customer experience: although much of the lettings administration process can be automated, via convenient lettings software systems, someone should always be available to answer questions and respond to queries. Ensure your site team are offering a top-quality service to customers and users whilst on site.

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