Return to lettings with confidence – your guide to planning for a safe re-opening

As the lock-down restrictions ease, we are seeing lots of interest in activities restarting across our partner schools.  The Government’s up-to-date guidance for community facilities sets out how venues can start to introduce activities safely and confidently.

Take a look online at the latest Government guidance around sports and recreational activities:

Having reviewed the guidance and discussed with our partner schools, introducing outdoor sports and children’s summer holiday camps, as a priority, will be a good place to start. For schools and other community venues looking to re-open for similar activities over the coming months, we have put together a checklist of things to consider:

Evaluate the risks

  • Identify suitable facilities which can be safely used by visitors – this may include lower-risk spaces such as outdoor MUGA’s and pitches and spaces which have separate access and egress.
  • Define the responsibilities of your staff and hirers in order to comply with the Government guidelines – use our COVID 19 Site Risk Assessment template to help you.
  • Produce a COVID 19 cleaning plan – this will likely involve more frequent cleaning of spaces that are being used, but may also require additional cleaning products, equipment and training for staff.

Outline expectations

  • Ensure hirers are aware of the Government guidelines – set out what is expected from them on arrival at your site.
  • Ask hirers to supply you with a risk assessment for their own activities – stating how they will ensure they are compliant with the Government guidelines.
  • Ensure hirers will be collecting up-to-date contact details for all group attendees – contact details can then be used for track and trace purposes.
  • Ensure all attendees arrive ready for their activity – this will eliminate the need for use of changing facilities in site.

Get site ready

  • Ensure your lettings team are fully briefed on theirs and hirers’ responsibilities – your team may require additional training on new COVID 19 protocols.
  • Introduce clear and appropriate signage – direct users, ensure social distancing and highlight users’ responsibilities, this may also include the installation of sanitising stations for users and staff.
  • Consider whether additional staff are needed to manage entrances, exits and other communal areas – you may need to consider staggering activity start and end times so that you can safely manage arrival and departure from site.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about re-opening your school to community lettings, get in touch now to find out how our BookingsPlus software can help you.