Wilbury Primary School

Start Date: March 2016

“Kajima have been great from the outset. They have handled everything on our behalf and we’ve seen our bookings income rise significantly as a result. Alongside ensuring that we get the best value from our bookings, Kajima have helped us set up a user-friendly website, worked alongside site managers to ensure we get the best value from our bookings and have helped bring in a number of ad hoc bookings, such as the NHS Blood Bank. We have really appreciated the personal service they offer; it has made the bookings process simpler, easier and more profitable for us.”

- Claire Griffin, Finance Department

Wilbury Primary School had been letting its facilities for use by the local community for some time, however, the booking system was managed by the local authority and was deactivated. It was clear that the school would be unable to manage the bookings internally as they didn’t have the resources and they therefore needed to find a system that could replace and improve upon the previous one.

BookingsPlus offered the software for the bookings to be transparent and easily manageable. In addition Wilbury Primary School also have the BookingsGuru marketing and administration service that has had a significant impact on amount of lettings that the school has been able to attract.

Since using the BookingsGuru service, revenue generated through hiring out the school facilities for community use has increased by almost 50%. They are now able to take bookings six days a week and manage them efficiently. They have a near-constant stream of bookings from a variety of different groups, ranging from birthday parties to weekly church groups. The functionality and usability of the system has meant that any teething problems were easily resolved. The financial management and streamlined contact makes BookingsPlus easy for both the school and their clients to use. Using the BookingsGuru service has meant that the phone and email response to the online marketing is always immediate.

Overall, the school have been hugely impressed with the service; it is innovative, has significantly increased revenue and the lettings coordinators are always there to help.

Paul O’Sullivan, Premises Manager at Wilbury Primary School, said: “Through BookingsPlus, our lettings process has become a real asset to the school. We regularly rent out a number of our facilities and the process is quick and easy to follow through with. In a time of budget cuts to schools, the financial freedom given to us through BookingsPlus is an absolute necessity.”