Wessex Health Network

Start Date: September 2016

- Sue Crabb, Clinic Manager

Wessex Health Network is a multi-functioning clinic that offers highly experienced and professional ‘Independent Therapists’ a fantastic venue to deliver the best possible treatment. We pride ourselves on having multiple practitioners of a high-quality who ensure every patient’s individual needs are met fully. Collectively, we strive to provide the very best in complementary healthcare, a service appropriate for all ages within the community.

Initially, we began letting our rooms using a manual paper diary which was time-intensive and the administrative burden became increasingly difficult. Following this, we started to experiment with online systems to cope with the growing demand and although it was an improvement, we still felt the real-time connections for patients and our clients was missing.

Through Google search and speaking to various people, we were introduced to BookingsPlus and were thrilled to find a platform that ticked so many of our boxes. We shared our requirements with the team at Kajima Community who took the time, listened and designed an individually tailored lettings software that was appropriate for our needs as a healthcare practice.

The integrated website has also been a huge hit for us, and as our clients have access to their own accounts on the website, we regularly work with them to build their portfolio. In terms of the financial administration of the business, the account summary that is provided by BookingsPlus is seamless.

Previously, we had a mismatch of people working on the accounts which required transferring both electronic and paper copies of payments into one spreadsheet. Now, after using BookingsPlus for a full year, the compilation process has been the smoothest and most accurate to date.

Without doubt the team at Kajima have contributed greatly in helping us align and achieve our goals. If an issue was to arise, a team member would respond to it straight away and be on hand to assist in any way they could, keeping us informed throughout.

It is important to everyone that we work in unison here at Wessex Health Network. With the swift, streamlined process that BookingsPlus provides and the brilliant customer support offered by Kajima, we can successfully continue to offer the best of treatment for all those who require it in the community.

Since incorporating the program, managing our bookings has never been easier – not just for myself, but for everyone involved in the process! The online system is accessible for any of our therapists to use at any time of the day, which allows them to readily see what is available to accommodate their patients in real-time. Crucially, BookingsPlus is a secure software that means patient confidentiality is respected and maintained.