Pelton Community Centre

Start Date: June 2014

"Although the system takes up a portion of our marketing budget, we weigh this up against the time it saves and the additional income we generate from returning customers and website enquiries. The system has delivered above and beyond what we imagined."

- Clare Foreman, Centre Manager

As Pelton Community Centre grew busier and busier, their old paper diary and invoice system they had in place was taking valuable time away from other tasks. The old system was inefficient with cancellations, price increases etc. Invoices were being missed and income lost as a result. The Centre were also looking at making changes to their website and saw the opportunity to solve two problems with one solution.

Initially the Centre thought that the software provided more functionality than was required and that possibly more simple systems were out there, however, following a trial of the software and seeing first hand the professionalism it would offer, would go beyond anything seen at any other community centre. As a stand-alone charity the Centre needs efficiency, professionalism and time saving solutions to survive and the Centre feel the software provides all of these. Having utilised the software for the last three years, the Centre are increasing the ways in which they use its comprehensive functionality and reaping the benefits. Groups, service providers and community members who book the facilities have continued to comment on the efficiency of the system.

Since implementing the system, the Centre has seen an increase in income of approx. 10% year on year and reduced the amount of time spent on bookings and invoicing by 50%.