Haverstock School

Start Date: September 2004

Our work with Kajima Community has allowed us to deliver on a key ambition for the school – to become a community hub, where facilities are a shared resource, open to the entire community. Kajima is a hugely valued partner for the school and has taken every step to make the lettings process effective and efficient. Through the BookingsPlus system, the process is totally streamlined and has become a simple and painless task. To see the school busy with activity in the evenings and at the weekends is testament to the success of the partnership.”

- Nikki Haydon, Lettings Manager

“What began as a contractual relationship with Kajima is now a truly effective partnership, defined by our close working relationship. The partnership has evolved organically to reflect the values of our school, but also to shape them. Our work with Kajima Community is not simply about selling space, it has enabled Haverstock to become a responsive and responsible part of the community and we are proud of what he have been able to give back. A stand out example has been our ability to host beds for Crisis at Christmas, a project which has brought together our staff, students and the local community.”

John Dowd, Headteacher

“Haverstock has been delighted to increase the use of school facilities for community events – this would not have been possible without Kajima Community. Having a range of events and activities hosted on site has enabled the school to become a central, shared resource for members of the local area and has ensured that our students develop an understanding of the meaning of community and the part they can play in supporting others.”

Tim Ottridge, Business Manager

Haverstock School in Camden was built by Kajima and the community access is currently managed by Kajima Community. Over the duration of the 13 year collaboration, Kajima has worked with the school to establish a successful, long term partnership, defined by close cooperation and a clear understanding of shared values. A central aim of the partnership has been to transform Haverstock into an integral part of the local area and a true community school.

A priority for Kajima in creating a community hub at Haverstock has been to increase the capability of the school to open its facilities more readily and widely for use by the community. Since the partnership began, the school buildings have hosted a huge array of groups and community events, from fencing clubs and football teams, to cycling proficiency and adult education classes. Supported by Kajima’s BookingsPlus software, which streamlines the letting process, bringing together bookings requests, administration and invoicing on one platform, Kajima Community has worked to raise awareness of school’s facilities within the local area and to build relationships with users. As a result, the school has become an active and bustling hub within the community, not only during the school day, but also in the evenings, at weekends and during term breaks.

Whilst the lettings capability provides a helpful income stream for the school, the drivers behind Kajima’s efforts to transform Haverstock into a community hub go well beyond this. Schools are public facilities and a resource to which the wider community should have access. By making its facilities available for public use, Haverstock School has been able to give back to the community and deliver on its moral obligations. Most recently, following the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, the school was able to put itself forward as a host for members of the Camden community who were evacuated from their homes whilst fire safety reviews took place. For the past three years, the partnership has also enabled Crisis at Christmas to use the school as a shelter for 250 rough sleepers, a project in which students and staff are encouraged to become actively involved.

The school’s central role in the community has directly benefitted its students, and many of the activities taking place in the evenings and during weekends are open to pupils. The use of the school’s facilities by a local football league led to the donation of a new 3G football pitch, which is now enjoyed both by pupils from the school and members of the wider community.