Four Dwellings Academy

Start Date: March 2016

- Jake Greenwood, Business Manager

''Four Dwellings Academy is a busy, thriving secondary school, which aims to provide the right environment to give each pupil the opportunity to achieve his or her best. To that end we are constantly evaluating the efficiency of how we operate to ensure that as much time as possible is dedicated to realising that aim.

As part of our community integration, and to generate additional revenue that can be reinvested in our school, for the last few years we have been hiring out our facilities for community use. Eighteen months ago we decided to implement BookingsPlus, and it has transformed our lettings process.

Our previous system was labour intensive, involving multiple hand-produced spreadsheets and the contribution of a number of members of staff including the Admin Officer, Business Manager and Finance Officer, leading to inconsistencies and inefficiency.

BookingsPlus is simple, effective and easy to use, and has streamlined our end to end bookings process.

We estimate that adopting the system has released an average of ten valuable staff hours every week, which we have been able to reinvest in education administration to the benefit of our pupils.

The dashboard management tool, automated customer communication and simple, one-click cancellation booking systems have made the booking process much easier for our clients, and provides us with a clear and accurate overview of all bookings and room availability at any given time. Not only has this enabled us to increase our lettings, but is vital from a safeguarding point of view. The system also provides greater transparency with regards to record keeping, making it easy for clients’ to agree to our terms and conditions, and enabling us to store vital information about their insurance policies.

The ease of which invoices can be raised and distributed to clients has significantly improved billing speed and accuracy. It mitigates the need for man hours to be spent chasing debt, while the online payment system allows for faster and easier reconciliation of payments.''