5 reasons to choose BookingsPlus as your lettings partner…

Kajima Community are the company behind online school lettings software, BookingsPlus.  Here, our Business Development Manager, Domenico Forgione explains the top 5 reasons for choosing us as your lettings partner, enabling you to reactivate your lettings with total confidence

1. A company you can rely on

Kajima Community has been in the school lettings business for over 15 years, offering expert advice, knowledge and solutions to schools and other community venues, across the UK.  We’re part of a much larger organisation, Kajima Partnerships Ltd, a property development business who specialise in the design, building and management of schools and other public infrastructure. They have been there to support us and add further investment in our software during the pandemic.

Through our lettings software, BookingsPlus, we have a major contract with NHS Property Services to deliver a bespoke booking platform across their portfolio of over 2,000 venues.

In short, we’re here to stay!

2. Innovative lettings solutions that work

Both our lettings platform, BookingsPlus and BookingsGuru, remote administration and marketing service, were the first in the market.  Both solutions are tried and tested not only across our customer base of community venues, but within our own business too.  The BookingsGuru service is in operation at our own Kajima-built schools and our software is used across the business for other purposes including the management of our busy London-based head office, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our solutions help schools to not only reduce the amount of time spent administering lettings but will promote your facilities to potential hirers and in-turn, boost your lettings revenue.  Our solutions will guarantee to deliver efficiencies and increase your income or your money back.

At one of our partner schools on the edge of a market-town in the midlands we currently generate in excess of £250k of lettings in come per annum.  At a large secondary school within a busy London borough, the income levels are over £500k per year.

3. Your income belongs to you

Unlike some other operators, all of the income generated through your lettings is paid directly from the hirer to your school bank account.  This enables you to take advantage of the VAT exemptions on some of your lettings income. Whilst we take responsibility for billing and ensuring payments for bookings are made, we don’t take any of your money.  The fees for both our solutions are billed in arrears, at the end of each quarter.

4. We are experts in our field

The key to our success is our people.  Whether it be our software developers, our team of account managers, our customer service or technical support team, we are the experts in school lettings.  With over 40 years of combined knowledge, our team are always on hand to support, advise and guide you, throughout your journey with us.  We pride ourselves on being flexible, providing our customer what they need and delivering outstanding customer service.

5. We will enrich your lettings programme

We understand the value of bringing communities together and the many health, social and well-being benefits this can bring.  We also understand the value that a buzzing community can bring to your school in terms of; additional partnership opportunities, sweating your assets and bolstering your reputation as an inclusive and active organisation.  We work hard to ensure your lettings programme offers a variety of activities for the entire community that don’t just focus on sport.

To find out more about either our BookingsPlus school lettings software or our BookingsGuru administration and marketing service, visit www.kajima.co.uk/community or chat to Dom now on 01604 677 764.