Boosting incomes and strengthening communities…

Boosting incomes and strengthening community cohesion through better use of public spaces and facilities.

Publicly owned or council-owned spaces are vital community resources, which provide opportunities to build local networks and enhance community resilience and wellbeing through increased engagement and participation. And never more so than now, as we emerge from the pandemic into uncertain times.

Many publicly owned spaces – in our schools, GP surgeries, council offices and more – are not being used by the local community, according to over one third of councillors responding to our 2021 YouGov survey. And more than eight out of 10 councillors see these facilities as potentially providing additional revenue to support vital council services. Revitalised and brought back to creative use, underused publicly-owned spaces could uplift communities and generate economic as well as social value.

Watch our webinar hosted by The Voice of Authority, where we were joined by the London Borough of Hackney Council, to discover:

  • The challenges faced by local authorities and councils in hiring out their public assets
  • Ways to close the gap between the demand and supply of publicly owned spaces
  • How community spaces and places can boost council incomes and more
  • The drivers and challenges behind implementing an efficient process to maximise facility within councils and local authorities

Find out more about how our software, BookingsPlus, is helping Hackney Council to maximise the use of their community assets, and to view their live booking site.

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