Mark Slater hires our facility at the Wooldale Centre for Learning to run his business, Mark Slater Training…

What is the nature of the group you run?

I started Mark Slater Training last October as a way to teach people proper exercise technique, while having fun and getting fit. We are a boot camp group that uses functional exercises with the aim of helping people live better and we try to reach out to those who think they aren’t strong or fit enough, then show them how to exercise and enjoy it.

How long have you been hiring school facilities?

We have been hirers of school facilities for just over a year now, working with Caroline Chisholm School (CCS).

Has hiring facilities helped your group to grow?

Yes, absolutely. Once people started asking for more and more classes I called the Kajima Community team and they got me the small primary school hall at CCS, and then when we outgrew that the sports hall. The venue has helped raise exposure among other people using the facilities and has set us apart from different boot-camp groups in the Northampton area.

Tell us about a special event/occasion for the club:

I think the most special moment was this February when we had a record turn out at one of my classes, it was a truly amazing evening. The more people join a session the more fun it is and the more people get out of it (and I think some were happy to be able to hide from me a bit more!). We cater to all ages, so the sense of camaraderie and fun only increases with group size.

What is your experience of working with Kajima community?

I have really enjoyed my experiences with Kajima Community. I’ve managed sports facilities myself and know what it entails within the actual industry. The staff managing the site  know what I need, booking is really easy and I think the whole process is great.

Find out more about the facilities on offer at the Wooldale Centre for Learning here or call  0333 011 0476.